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Clan Rules

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Clan Rules Empty Clan Rules

Post by IronSky on 26/12/2013, 11:51

Here is a list of the current rules of The Path of Anarchy.

1. The clan

Clan Rules Tpoa1_zps036dee2f

The clan consists of the founder, leaders of the different games (A.K.A. Operations), officers, members, and trial members. More ranks will be added if deemed necessary.

The balance of power goes as follows; The founder watches over all the operations, while Operation Managers, AKA Leaders look after their own recruitment and upholding of their own set of rules that apply to their respective games. Thus, should a member have a problem with a leader, it should be private messaged to the founder, so that proper measures can be taken, and the problem solved.
But ultimately, we are all about unity in warfare, and separation in ideals. As long as we agree to disagree...

While in the clan, you kind of agree to follow our ideals, and behave according to our standards while wearing tag.

The tag is " .TPoA. " with two dots and lowercase O. As some games won't allow 6 character tags, even using " TPoA " is enough. And in the name of all that is holy, no (), or []. Never, ever. Because, you know, individuality.

2. Working as a Clan

Clan Rules 560098_2826256778465_1925671100_n_zpsc4bebc98

First of all, be friendly to your clan mates. Or at least be willing to co-operate. We don't ask you to kiss and make up, but we do indeed want you to be able to work together. Because we are a clan, and that is what clans do.

Have respect towards your officers, leaders, and founder. If you don't like something, you can say it. But if there is no argument being made, we just presume everyone is happy with the way we handle stuff. We like to put as much stuff as possible under a vote, but not everything can be done that way. In order to be efficient, we sometimes have to decide stuff on the fly. And at those times, bear with us, and do what you are told to do.
If you want to criticize decisions made by the higher decision makers, there is the constructive way, and the wrong way.

Activity, responsibilities.

Clan Rules 768762227_zps425861b8

Your first, and the most important responsibility is to be active. We are not actively tracking activity, but we will notice those people who have last been seen like 2 months ago. Now, that is okay, as long as you let us know that you are going to be inactive. Estimated length of inactivity, as well as the reason for it is appreciated, but not completely necessary.

Now, there is no policy for dealing with inactivity, we will judge cases individually. Long durations of inactivity will lead into being fired from the clan.
But as stated before, only if you just disappear without a reason. And there is no reason why you could not come back and explain why you did a Houdini on us. It is a random world out there, anything could happen.

Second, and also top important thing is to take part in events. Be it a clan get-together gaming evening, or a clanwar, be there.
Again, we understand if it is not possible to make it, but we need you to be there, and we get sad/mad if you don't state a reason for your absence.

What if you want to quit the clan? We have a policy that such decision is final. So think it over. If this is not your thing, fine. Again, telling us why will hopefully improve our ways in future.

We don't support "clan hopping". We don't recruit from other clans. We are open for clan merging, but directly snatching people from other clans is brutal. Also, be sure that if you still want to change clans, that you are cool with the leaders of your previous clan. We can't force you to stay there, but we sure won't take you in if you left doors banging and burning bridges.

Limitations, freedoms, privileges.

Clan Rules ScreenShot1706_zps0bf1b481

First off, we don't support multiple clans in our games. This might sound brutal, but if we want to go competitive, we can't share 5 members with our opposing clans, for instance. In other games, you are free to be in which ever clan your heart desires. This does not mean that if we would have a branch in WoW, and you were in our PS2 outfit, that you would have to leave your WoW guild. It just means that you can't play as a TPoA member in WoW, only in PS2.

Second limitation is that we don't tolerate hacking. Surprising amount of competitive clans support all sort of stuff, but we don't.
Getting caught from hacks get a 100% boot. So don't hack while under tag. Once again, this just applies to games that you play under the tag.

Now, for freedoms. Each and every member has a right to play in our servers, private or public. To use our TeamSpeak. To get whatever perks come in the same package as the clan membership. Ultimately, you are free to do as you like, as long as you don't limit others freedom to do the same.
Only in specific situations are we going to tell you what to do.

As a member you are entitled to fair treatment from the rest of the clan. And the clan will most likely rise to your defense if you are being mistreated by outsiders. You can get tech help, coaching, and all the other benefits of a close community. It is a give and take.


Clan Rules Pathofanarchy_zps98e81c1c

Every clan member has a right to act as a recruiter. If you meet a person that would fit into our ranks, feel free to point them at these forums. Remember to tell them to mention that you sent them, there is a special reward for successful referrals on the works.
We also have recruiters. Their job is a bit more complicated, to spam general chat and forums with all sort of info about our fine group.

If a recruit is referred to the forums by a member, they go to Trial. The Operation Managers can conscript people without the 2-week trial time. But these are special cases.

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Clan Rules Sihgg_zps323ab974
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