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Teamspeak server rules

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Teamspeak server rules Empty Teamspeak server rules

Post by KingLuna on 21/9/2015, 03:36

Short list of rules regarding our Teamspeak server. Might add and improve this if needed in the future.

1. Don't be a dick. This should be self-explanatory but there are always those who still don't get this part.

2. Respect all admins on the server. Bad behavior and disrespecting the staff will get you kicked or banned from the server.

3. Knock before you enter. Don't enter private channels without asking first.

4. It is strictly forbidden to spread illegal content such as links that lead to illegal or malicious sites.

5. Members first. If you are using our server without being a member of TPoA you might get kicked if the servers is full and
   members can't get in.

Breaking these rules will result in getting kicked or banned from the server.

There we go. A short and simple set of rules to follow.
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