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Forum Rules

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Forum Rules Empty Forum Rules

Post by IronSky on 26/12/2013, 11:51

To keep the forums in good shape, members should respect the following rules:

- You are free to post and create topics to your hearts content. Just remember to post to the applicable forum area. By default this means "General Chat".

- Your post count is not such a big deal, so please refrain from spamming.

- No explicit sexual, sexist, racist and religious comments. Don't be a trollbait.

-If you want to post nude multimedia via links, put it trough URL link, and equip it with proper warning!

- Do not beg for stuff like membership or... whatever... Patience is a virtue.

- Be active on the forums, and if you need to leave for a while or quit, a post or a PM will go a long way.

- We would like to know everyone at these forums, take your time to give us a chance to do so.

-The official language here is English. Use it.

- Moderators should keep a close watch on rising flamewars an such.

- Watch out for excessive swearing AND flaming, we don't want that, do we?

PM me about changes what you want made.
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