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Olskiboy Application

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Olskiboy Application

Post by Olskiboy on 14/11/2015, 12:12

1. Your typical In-Game name: Olskiboy/Aake88

2. Your timezone (in GMT): gmt +2

3. The branch you are applying into, if there is a specific one: Dota 2

4. Do you have a TeamSpeak Client? Yes I do

5. Do you have a Steam? If so, with which ID? (not required, but preferable) Yes I do have steam

6. Can you do screen recording with FRAPS or similar programs? I can but I dont

7. Do you consider yourself as an active gamer? Yes

8. Have you ever thought about becoming a florist? nope

9. How would you describe your personality with a few words? Loyal, innovative, spontanius

10. Where did you hear from our clan, and what is the reason you are now filling this form? I heard about TPoa from kuukkeli-san I would like to join so I have friends to play with Smile


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