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Backgrounds of TPoA

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Backgrounds of TPoA

Post by IronSky on 27/12/2013, 09:36

A long ramble to follow, but you get a cookie if you read trough it. Think this is like a developer diary of sorts.

I will cover the reasoning behind starting this clan project, the origin story, some history, where we are right now, and where I hope we will end up.

Originally, after I had quit my previous clan project, evf, in the Battlefield 1942, I wandered this world without a cause. Then the realization hit me; I would never be happy if I did not have a clan. A tag. A community. Somewhere to belong. But I have a huge authority problem (this might relate to the group name) and the only way I can exist in a clan is at the top position.

Now, even as I am at the top here, I can relate to the people who hate just being in the "member status" to the end of their lives. There are rarely clans that support a system that allows each and every member to "level up" within the clan. When you join a clan, and see one leader, two moderators, and 50 members, you can be certain from beginning that you are going to be part of said 50 people, not the three people with real power.
This is something I like to address with this clan. Ranks, achievements, different levels of power, duties and freedoms. All within your grasp, trough hard work, time, and dedication.
That is the dream I have for this clan, and that is where I try to guide us.
Of course without sacrificing fun factor. Because we are trying to build a community here, not a competitive, top of the leader-boards kind of clan.
If that is what you are looking for, there are clans for that. But in joining them, you agree that the fun factor just is not there. Rolling Eyes 

What comes to raw statistical history, TPoA steam group was made January 20th, 2012 @ 7:20pm, according to Steam.
In time of writing this post, that is about two years ago. A few months after that, a League of Legends team with a same name was created.
That was more or less successful, but as with all things, time separated our team, and the clan was reduced to a skeleton crew, mostly playing The War Z, the controversial zombie survival game. We still do play that.
Clan originally had two leaders, but I took the liberty of demoting the other leader, as steam states he was last seen 300 days ago.

We had a good run with a WarZ server, but it became too much of a economical liability for my wallet, and I had to stop the rental.
During that time, our home page (RIP) saw a huge increase in visitors, and many brazilians showed interest in our private server.
I was not exactly thrilled, the new members were not what I hoped we would attract, they were 13-16 yo brazilian asshats.
I just took the liberty of ignoring them. And sorry to all 13-16 yo brazilians out there, I know you are not like those guys.

Moving on. At the time of writing this post, a bit after midnight, I am still full of hope that people will join us, for our quest for better gaming experience.
We currently have 3 active branches, fresh from the oven. No plans are yet made, that will be settled next month. Also, I hope we get a good recruiting run going.

In the future, I hope we will get increased amount of people in our ranks. I hope we will prosper, and everyone lives happily ever after. And if not, at least they would enjoy their time with us.

As for the cookie I promised, there is none. How does that feel?

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