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Post by IronSky on 28/12/2013, 09:29

Dis game be dead, long live the new zombie survival games!

Long story short, TPoA has been playing WarZ since the early Alpha, but in small numbers. I have never been much of a recruiter.

Now, we are looking to increase our hold both in-game and within the community as well.

Short time goals are to get the stronghold going, and to start to host a server again as well. I personally will rent a 50-player server for at least 6 months, and we will see how it will go from there.

We are looking for at least one good trader, who could handle the clans trading needs. Besides that, we hope to attract like-minded individuals, who are here for a good fun without the need for hand holding. We do loot runs as well as some normal PvP action.

Should our numbers rise, more options will open up.

My nick at the Infestation forums is IronSky. Surprisingly. You can PM me for more details.

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