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Yay! Minecraft Server!

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Yay! Minecraft Server! Empty Yay! Minecraft Server!

Post by IronSky on 3/7/2015, 05:48

So, I decided it was time for us to have a server again. This time in minecraft.

Going to run normal mode for now, maybe adding some admin functions to stop griefing and so on and so forth...

In general, nobody uses creative mode, nobody has special rights, everyone is free game.

I would love to make a clan-wide effort to build a fortress tho, against people who might or might not invade us.

I will appoint a special moderator for the server, the person being Luna.

Anyways, if you feel like digging and/or blasting peoples houses down with dynamite, feel free.

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Yay! Minecraft Server! Sihgg_zps323ab974
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Yay! Minecraft Server! Empty Re: Yay! Minecraft Server!

Post by KingLuna on 14/9/2015, 01:03

The server address is
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