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KeRnaali's application

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KeRnaali's application Empty KeRnaali's application

Post by KeRnaali on 9/5/2015, 04:47

1. Your typical In-Game name: KeRnaali some games mlghemuli

2. Your timezone (in GMT): +2

3. The branch you are applying into, if there is a specific one: wut?

4. Do you have a TeamSpeak Client? Yup

5. Do you have a Steam? If so, with which ID? (not required, but preferable) Kernaali

6. Can you do screen recording with FRAPS or similar programs? Nope

7. Do you consider yourself as an active gamer? Hell yeah!

8. Have you ever thought about becoming a florist? meh

9. How would you describe your personality with a few words? Well, i like to meet new people and i don't have problems to speak to them. My sense of humor may be little bit odd but that's what i am  Very Happy .

10. Where did you hear from our clan, and what is the reason you are now filling this form? Heard this clan from Luna and reason why i'm filling this form is that i would like to be part of this clan and try something new.

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