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DD's Form.

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DD's Form. Empty DD's Form.

Post by Dark-Devil on 10/5/2014, 07:17

1. Gaming nick: Dark-Devil

2. Real name (optional) : ---

3. Age: 18

4. Country of origins: Bahrain

5. Email address:
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6. Preferred game(s): Battlefield Series , Mostly war games, FPS

7. Do you have a TeamSpeak Client? yes

8. Do you have a YouTube channel? Yes

9. Do you have a Steam? If so, with which ID? i do but i forgot the password and need to .. you know

10. Do you have Fraps or another kind of screen-recording program? yes

11. Do you have a live stream channel? No.

12. Have you been in other clans before? 7+ or more

13. When in a server, do you follow the rules? I do.

14. Have you ever participated to a clan war? yes many times Even in <alliance> in the BF1942 Retail.

15. Do you consider yourself as an active gamer? i can play like 2 hours a day..

16. Are you a generally nice person? i cant judge my self.

17. Do you respect others? If they respect me

18. Do you enjoy helping out others? yes very much

19. Have you ever used hacks of any kind? Hmm... Other games yes

20. Do you tend to get angry easily? Yes but i can Control my self.(but if you mean in gaming no i dont really take it too seriously)

21. On which game do you apply, from our list of games? Incoming games maybe.

22. What are your motivations to join The Path of Anarchy? Continue the long journy with Ironsky. and i liked the clan idea.

Last edited by Dark-Devil on 10/5/2014, 07:22; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : (but if you mean in gaming no i dont really take it too seriously) --- i meant to put it in the anger question lol)

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DD's Form. Empty Re: DD's Form.

Post by IronSky on 13/5/2014, 02:14

Hah, that e-mail limitation doe  Rolling Eyes 

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DD's Form. Sihgg_zps323ab974
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