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clunc application

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clunc application Empty clunc application

Post by clanc on 26/3/2014, 07:40

1. Gaming nick: clunc

2. Real name (optional) : Max

3. Age: 18

4. Country of origins: The Netherlands

5. Email address: can be found in my profile

6. Preferred game(s): Planet Side 2

7. Do you have a TeamSpeak Client? Yes, with a good mic.

8. Do you have a YouTube channel? Inactive at YT.

9. Do you have a Steam? If so, with which ID? Can be obtained by asking me, not so happy to post it randomly on the internet.

10. Do you have Fraps or another kind of screen-recording program? Yes, I can record.

11. Do you have a live stream channel? No.

12. Have you been in other clans before? If so, how many? In Planet Side 2: only 1. VOIK, but I don't see any advantage of being in their outfit as they never play together.

13. When in a server, do you follow the rules? Yes.

14. Have you ever participated to a clan war? Not in Planet Side 2, got a big deal of experience (about 3 000 games) in another game).

15. Do you consider yourself as an active gamer? Yes, if school does not restrict me.

16. Are you a generally nice person? I'd say so, I hosted a forum to promote fair play for anther game for a year.

17. Do you respect others? If they respect me.

18. Do you enjoy helping out others? I surely do if they are polite.

19. Have you ever used hacks of any kind? Never felt any urge to 'hack'.

20. Do you tend to get angry easily? I am never angry about a simple game, why'd I? I play for fun.

21. What are your motivations to join The Path of Anarchy? Specialized in guerilla warfare (according to the shoutout yesterday in the chat), hence my motivation.

Kind regards,


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clunc application Empty Re: clunc application

Post by IronSky on 26/3/2014, 13:12

Aws, too bad you chose TTRO. Well, if you ever feel like being more than just one of the thousand people, we are going to be here.


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