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30Murhis Application

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30Murhis Application Empty 30Murhis Application

Post by 30Murhis on 1/2/2014, 03:36

1. Gaming nick: 30Murhis
2. Real Name: Santeri Sassi
3. Age: -93
4. Country: Finland
5. Email address: deom1(at)
6. Preferred games: Almost anything goes but mostly DotA2 atm.
7. Do you have a TeamSpeak Client? Yup
8. Do you have a YouTube channel? Nope
9. Do you have a Steam? If so, with which ID? Search for user Jusaaa
10. Yup
11. Not yet but planning to get one
12. Not really, we have had some "clans" with my friends but they have been mostly just for fun. Not anything serious.
13. When in a server, do you follow the rules? Yeah
14. Have you ever participated to a clan war? Nope.
15. Do you consider yourself as an active gamer? Yes I do
16. Are you a generally nice person? I guess mostly yes.
17. Do you respect others? If they respect me and others as well
18. Do you enjoy helping out others? Well yeah, if I can be helpful somehow.
19. Have you ever used hacks of any kind? Nope.
20. Do you tend to get angry easily? Nope. Getting pissed off is possible for me, but for me to get seriously angry requires ALOT.
21. What are your motivations to join The Path of Anarchy? The idea is nice, haven't been in any kind of serious clan action before so this could be fun. Also have been playing PS2 with you guys for  couple of times, and some of the members of this clan are my friends IRL.

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